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Cutting machine

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Cutting machine

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Cutting machine

    Cutting machine is an indispensable device for some light industry. The traditional concept is that the cutting machine is a machine that presses the die with the force of the movement of the machine to punch non-metal materials. Modern cutting machines have undergone some changes. Advanced technologies such as high-pressure water beams and ultrasonic waves have been used in leather cutting technology, but people still summarize these devices in cutting machine equipment.

    Cutting machine Use range:Suitable for non-metallic materials such as foamed materials, cardboard, textiles, plastic materials, leather, rubber, packaging materials, flooring materials, carpets, fiberglass, cork and other materials.

    Cutting machine is classified according to the structure:

    A. Rocker type cutting machine

        The cutting part is a swing arm, which is suitable for cutting non-metal materials such as leather, natural materials and artificial leather.

rocker type cutting machine

     B. Gantry movable head type cutting machine

         The cutting part is a press head that can be moved left and right along the beam. The die can be fixed on the press head or placed on the workpiece. A large, computer-controlled gantry cutting machine punch is equipped with a rotatable knife die holder, which can be typeset according to the program and the corresponding tool selected; of course, an automatic feeding mechanism is required.

Gantry movable head type cutting machine

    C. Plane cutting machine

        It differs from the gantry cutting machine in that the beam is directly punched, and there is no punching head that can be moved. The flat cutting machine is divided into two categories: fixed beams or beams can be moved back and forth, and the table slide can be moved back and forth.

Plane cutting machine

D. Four-column precision cutting machine

     Double-cylinder, four-column automatic balance connecting rod structure.

Four-column precision cutting machine


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